Order A Voiceover
1)  Send the script via email to [email protected] with any necessary
pronunciations, stylistic instructions, timing needs, etc.  Please also include
your full billing information – company name, contact, address, email (in
addition to the email on file for payment via PayPal), and phone number.

2)  I will record, edit, render, and deliver your script within 36 hours at the rate
of $20 per finished audio minute, with a minimum of $20 per script.  For
expedited delivery of 12-35 hours, there is an additional $20 fee. (This is my
current rate, and is a reflection of the lower end of rates for my profession.)

3)  Along with the delivered script, I will also send an invoice, reflecting the
amount due for script. Payment is due within seven days. Within one week of
the original delivery (and invoice), all necessary changes must be requested
(including free re-recordings on the original script due to voice over error, and
script changes at a fee of $10 per phrase.). At this point the contract will be
corrected and closed, and no other changes will be made to the recording.

4) Payment must be made via PayPal to [email protected].
Late payment will result in a suspension from the client list, until payment
and a late fee (of $20 per week of delayed payment) is delivered.

5) For new clients, I am happy to provide an audition piece
of a small portion of their script.

~Christin Hunt
Hunt Vocal Talent

Delivery within
72 hours

FREE re-recordings
on the

$20 per finished
audio minute

per project

Simple Audio
Simple Audio is the reading of a script,
without any additional media. 

(Recording a script while matching the
recitation to a preexisting tempo- timing, video, etc.-
is reviewed and charged per the job, but generally
runs double the rate of a simple audio.)